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One fundamental aspect of personal care is keeping our skin looking and feeling soft and hydrated.

With the right products and ingredients, you can fight the effects of aging skin and retain that glowing and youthful skin look we all desire.

Of course, to make that possible, you need the right set of skin care products.

After we have spent years working with industry leaders, perfecting the art of making Anti-Aging skin care products, we branched out on our own in order to bring you Valaiss Switzerland – an innovative and exclusive brand with the most advanced and absolute best skin care products in the industry.

Valaiss Switzerland carefully selected natural, award winning ingredients, sourced from the Swiss Alps to create skin care products that naturally improve your skin’s appearance.

Superior Snake Venom Rejuvenating Complex

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desiree Phelps
Amazing product and service, I wish I could leave 10 stars! Roy was very professional and has amazing customer service. I love all the product and can’t wait to share with my friends and family! Thanks again Roy!
Aimee Ng
Whoever thought going to Vegas would lead to kicking eczema to the curb and looking more youthful? Due to COVID 19, we were dying for some normalcy, like dining in a restaurant, so we headed to Vegas. While walking through the Aria hotel, we were met by the most genuine and friendliest salesperson named Itai! Itai was not hard selling; he simply let the product sell itself. Right away, we were sold on the Valaiss Instant Lifting Gel and went back for the free facial offered. This was life-changing. Having to deal with eczema most of my life, I never dreamt that I would ever be free of them! I’ve been to dermatologists numerous times, getting injections and creams that don’t work. I’ve also tried acupuncture, but somehow, they always find its way back. During the facial, Itai introduced the Zero Gravity Perfectio LED wand. I have to say; I was a little skeptic at first, but the result is simply amazing!! With just one use of the Zero Gravity Perfectio, my eczema is almost gone, plus I looked more youthful and my age spots are diminishing! Thank you, Itai, for introducing us to Valaiss and Zero Gravity Perfectio!! We went home feeling like Christmas came in September! Can’t thank you enough!!
Stephanie Becerra
This is an incredible product. I purchased the lotion and eye serum for my mother and we can’t believe how much a difference it has made on her face for the last couple months. I can’t say this enough. It is worth the investment, the staff is friendly, and we will definitely be returning back.
Keren Arellano
Stopped at Valaiss during my vacation in Vegas. I’m extremely pleased with the quality of their products. They feel great on my skin and I can see quick results having just used them for about a month. The serums are by far my favorite product! My skin feels better than ever, I will definitely buy from them again!!
Megan Barker
I have been using this vitamin E serum for about three weeks now. I am in shock! The redness in my face is gone! I used to put on foundation almost every day because of my redness and acne scars. I can now go out of the house with zero makeup on and feel confident.
Lindsey Preston
I bought this night cream for my mom because she has sensitive skin. I have noticed the difference in her skin as far as firmness and reduction in lines and wrinkles. She is very happy with the difference.
Tess Miles
This stuff makes my skin so soft and my skin seems a lot brighter. I will keep using this for sure! You also get a lot of product for your money!
Abbie Turner
It made my skin feel super soft and hydrated after every use.
Martha Hudson
“I came across valaiss skin care and after a few weeks of using it my skin already feels more plump! Most of my discoloration has faded as well. I’ve gotten so many compliments at work!”

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About us

For hundreds of thousands of years plants of Alps have evolved and adapted to withstand extreme climatic conditions. VÄLAÍSS Cosmetics combines the Alpine Rose extract with the Swiss Apple stem cells, winner of the European Innovation “Best Active Ingredient” for best results in fighting natural aging and protecting the skin.