Our Story

One fundamental aspect of personal care is keeping our skin looking and feeling soft and hydrated.

With the right products and ingredients, you can fight the effects of aging skin and retain that glowing and youthful skin look we all desire.

Of course, to make that possible, you need the right set of skin care products.

After we have spent years working with industry leaders, perfecting the art of making Anti-Aging skin care products, we branched out on our own in order to bring you Valaiss Switzerland – an innovative and exclusive brand with the most advanced and absolute best skin care products in the industry.

Valaiss Switzerland carefully selected natural, award winning ingredients, sourced from the Swiss Alps to create skin care products that naturally improve your skin’s appearance.

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About us

For hundreds of thousands of years plants of Alps have evolved and adapted to withstand extreme climatic conditions. VÄLAÍSS Cosmetics combines the Alpine Rose extract with the Swiss Apple stem cells, winner of the European Innovation “Best Active Ingredient” for best results in fighting natural aging and protecting the skin.